Capitec Bank Complaint 2 Debited Loan Installments AFTER Loan Was Settled

Supplier Customer feedback and analysis Industry Bank
/ AREA Branch Tableview COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE Tues 25th Oct 8.30 Person in charge
You StephaniVZ See all user reports
PROBLEM 2, the installation of debit financing. On their Facebook pages to post this report
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Incident October 24
Headline Have been resolved after 2 loan installment loan deduction
I am a Capitec Tableview, to apply for personal loans 000.00 R50, I was granted the loan.
The first time my salary was said to them after it is paid on the 25th I only yesterday that I was in. Before, Capitec hiccup earlier this month, (24) after the withdrawal, do not go out any problems, and they pay to twice check the date of the HR manager called me, but he also told them that 25, then I was called Capitec stood next to him in time. Check out also loans for married couples . How hard is it how this Capitec? But that's not all ... After I went to the branch to obtain an estimate of the settlement, I then produced a fully functional on my loan, low and behold is, however, this morning, and another installment loans rang. So I'm really furious. I definitely feel deprived. Do you know how bad I look like this is my Capitec account? Or do not care? 24 You can not debit the loan installments on the 25th again! After being settled MY LOAN, I am, R9 capitec 1-2 days, and paid 979.46. Explanation had better be somebody. I have to enter the branch is too severe, call center consultants, to understand how on earth can I say. Please support and I can not wait to hear the excuses.
Supplier's response Capitec Bank Time and Date Time 06 min 59 sec 9 | 11 25 10 Tues
Hello StephaniVZ, thank you for your comments and see through the Hellopeter. See Also loan company online . We're getting complaints and claims management sector, we will contact you within one business bank day.Kind regardsCapitec: Client Care Center
0860 10 20 43
Relevant content (loan problem was resolved after withdrawal last five installments of the loan). See Also loan installments .

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